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A Cybersecurity Operations Center provides real-time monitoring of equipment security, operation of security systems, management of vulnerabilities and security incidents.

Having access to cyber intelligence information helps the organization to understand its threat profile and the derived business risks, with the information collected, companies can address action plans and effectively manage the identified risks.

Additionally, in managed management models –MDR- our solutions have, in addition to the identification capabilities, the ability to block malicious processes or requests to prevent the execution of MALWARE, RANSOMWARE or EXPLOITS.

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  What kind of cyber-threats affect your organization?

  What kind of sensitive information can leak on the Internet?

  What are the credentials that may be in the hands of hackers?

  Which of your systems may have been compromised?

  What types of websites may be impersonating you?

  What kind of information published their employees?

  What virus and malware is designed to attack your organization or your customers?

  Presently, there are sensitive documents published on the Internet?

  What databases may have been stolen?

  What threats on social networks affect your organization?


CSOC 360 detects all threats mentioned below:



  Stolen credentials

  Security Settings critical systems

  Theft of personal data

  DDoS attacks

  Specific vulnerabilities of their systems

  Information on compromised systems

  Leaking information databases

  Access fraudulent domains

  Publication of confidential documents

  Fake profiles on social networks

  Information published by employees

Level 1 - Network Security

Level 2 - ATP

Level 3 - SIEM

Level 4 - Compliance / SOAR