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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a service that provides organizations with threat search and response or action services once they are discovered. The process benefits from the enrichment of the filters and sources of security information without necessarily involving a human element in decision-making. Usually the CSOC staff are responsible for supervising the security cases reported by the MDR and the measures executed in a manner automatic.

Cyber ​​threats are increasing in both volume and sophistication. Beyond a certain point, investments in prevention technologies show diminishing returns. Therefore, to respond to organizations looking to add robust detection and response capabilities to quickly identify threats and respond before they become incidents.

Traditional security monitoring relies on limited log collection, and rule-based analysis is no longer sufficient. While good for common attack visibility and compliance use cases, it is ineffective against newer forms of attacks. The next generation of security operations needs other technologies.

Developing these next-generation capabilities for threat detection and response is not feasible for most organizations. With MDR we can help close this gap by providing advanced detection and response as a service, thus eliminating the complexity and cost of building next-generation internal security operations.

What does MDR mean? MDR stands for Managed Detection and Response. Managed detection and response services can simply be defined as services provided by specialized threat management vendors.