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At TSSC we are dedicated to implementing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to solve business vulnerability factors. We provide unique value in the ability to detect and stop zero-day exploits, malware attacks, and hacker activity undetected by traditional security systems.

We have the solutions, human capital, and technological intelligence to protect your infrastructure against the most sophisticated threats, and in this way, help maintain our clients' data and communication networks with the highest level of protection available in the world. market. At the center of our organization is CSOC360, a Cybersecurity Incident Response Team. Since the implementation of solutions and the construction of this type of center can be a logistical and financial challenge for your organization. We put our solutions and trained personnel at your service for all your cybersecurity needs.


Secure the virtual assets of our clients by providing the highest level of scalability and scope for the shortest implementation time, response time and cost through cyber security solutions, Big Data, Detection and response, Compliance and Cybersecurity operations centers.


To be the leading cybersecurity services company in Mexico with a presence in Latin America.

Expand the distribution channels, forming a community of business partners based on honesty, promoting the development and well-being of our work team.


They are the maxims that will guide our behavior.

Development and Wellbeing: We are deeply committed to the development and well-being of Mexico. We will always seek to create decent and well-paid jobs so that our team and their families can fully develop. In addition, the technical and human training of the personnel will be promoted both internally and externally if necessary.

Compliance with standards: Our work team will always have the objective of sticking its work to compliance with standards, thus ensuring excellence.

Loyalty and transparency: All our business relationships will be carried out with total loyalty and transparency, thus ensuring the prosperity and growth of all parties involved.

At TSSC we seek to generate long relationships with our Partners and distribution channels, so all dealings will be governed by this principle.

TSSC will always put your good name and your values ​​before any profit.

Organizational Structure