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Level I - NSM (IDS/IPS)
The solution to identify and prevent Cyber ​​attacks and intrusions to the most robust network in the market, based on the analysis of customer traffic.


Level II - URL Filtering
It is used to collect the information of the devices that access internet sites from the networks of our infrastructure and in this way to be able to register and record their activities.


Level III - Traffic Analysis
Provides full visibility into network security, advanced network forensics, and real-time content inspection for all network activity.


Level IV - Honeypot & Sandbox
Appliance that contains technology in creating real production environments related to a company, creating a "bait" to the attackers who wish to harm the information of the company.


Level V - SSL Inspector
Data Encryption protects from being seen in transit through the Internet, but also creates a major blind spot for the introduction of advanced malware.