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Compliance Mapping (NOC)

The Network Operations Center monitors all the devices involved in the organization's ICT operation, seeking to ensure the availability and delivery of the service levels - SLA - necessary to maintain the organization's activities.

NOC encompasses the entire TI infrastructure of the company: desktops, laptops, routers, gateways, PBXs, servers, switches, data links, among others. In addition to services applied in data center operation, backups and batch Jobs.

The functions of an NOC are:

  Incident Management

  Problem Management

  Compliance Requirements

  Event management

  Access Management

These alert levels can be displayed in different types of Dashboard (boards) depending on the use to the organization and the maturity level of the same in the implementation of industry standards, either at the level of TI organization or administration service. These levels are to be categorized as:

  Best Practices for Service Provision.

  Best Practices for Service Support.

  Management of TI infrastructure.

  Security Management.

  Business Outlook.

  Application Management.

  Software Asset Management.

  Planning to implement Service Management.

  Implementation of small-scale ITIL.

  Service Strategy.

  Service Design.

  Service Transition.

  Service Operation.

  Continual Service Improvement.

  Design services integrated and consistent through the SDP (service design package).

  Review of enterprise architecture.

  Revision Management System.

  Review of metrics and measurement methods.

  Review Process.

  Update Service Portfolio.

  Updating records changes.